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Symptoms Investigated

Chest Pain



Dizziness / fainting

High blood pressure

Loss of consciousness ​

Cardiovascular Screening

Our Team

We are a group of cardiologist based at Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, working closely together providing a high quality cardiology service for the local people in Bedfordshire.


We provide a high quality and safe cardiac investigation and treatment service for NHS and private patients (Insured and non insured). Carrying out invasive and non invasive tests and treatments. We  are all members of the British Society of Cardiology (BCS) and the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and work closely according to guidelines set out by these two bodies as well as the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE)

Our different sub-speciality interests lends itself to working as a close team, meeting several times during the normal working week. This includes our weekly multi disciplinary team meeting which involves video conferencing to discuss cases with the Royal Papworth surgical team.  We also have very close working relationships with the Royal Papworth Electrophysiology (Cardiac Rhythm Management) and Structural (TAVI) Teams  . 

Cardiac Procedures

We provide  a range of cardiac diagnostic  investigations and procedures to investigate and treat cardiac conditions:​

  • Coronary Intervention (Stents)

  • Complex Cardiac Imagine

  • Loop Recorder Implants

  • Pacemaker Implantation

Make an appoinment:

Book an appointment today with the consultant of your choice.

  • Appointments usually available within seven days.

  • No GP referral required

  • Insured and non insured accepted.

  • Choice of venues for consultations available.

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